Nov 3, 2012

Tail end of 2012

It has been a long while since I blogged here....a lot of water have flowed under the bridge since then, be it work or personal life. A lot has happened...worried about next week but at the same time hoping everything will go as planned...

Feb 25, 2011

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS with all the work that're piling up on my table..................

Don't know mana satu nak buat duluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, semua bantai urgent............... haish............. mana satu nak buat niiiiiiii!!!!!!!

Jan 20, 2011


Not a good start to the new year.....just got the schedule for 2011, and it will keep me busy for the whole year. Bad on my part but God send for some people I know, those who seems to enjoy work so much.....hantu kerja kata kan.... cuti-cuti pun still masuk office to work....

As for me...... I'm dreaming or should I say berangan to go off on another holiday, Korea or America maybe....hahahahahahahaha dream on, what with what are needed to be done for the year, I don't know yet whether I can go for another long extended holiday... but there's no harm in dreaming kan..... *________*

Jan 5, 2011

Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year wish to everyone - in cyber-space or not.... I know today is already the fifth day of the new year. Being too busy with work and recuperating from my sojourn to UK, the body is not as it used to be, taking a longer time to recover from jet-lag and so forth..

It doesn't help much that I immediately go back to work the day after the long flight from UK... back to the office and to work piling on the table and all with deadlines pencilled at 31 December 2010.

Anyway here's the wish for everyone..... "HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MAY 2011 BRINGS MORE JOY AND PROSPERITY TO ALL OF YOU"... since today is also the birthday of my second sister... this wish also goes out to her, with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIS.." malu nak cakap to her face so tulis aje lah kat sini he he he he :)

Dec 27, 2010

Winter Escapade

Followed my third sister and family to UK for a holiday cum my niece's graduation. Enjoyed the holiday and experience, even though the temperature was at sub-zero degrees most of the time.

The temperature on our journey to Manchester to visit Old Trafford.
The Family outside Old Trafford's parking lot before going to the stadium and eventually to the gift shop. My nephew is a diehard fan of Manchester United and thus, the visit to Old Trafford was pencilled in. We thought we might need to cancel the trip since the weather was especially bad the day before we were supposed to go to Old Trafford. But, Alhamdullilah, it was quite safe to travel to Manchester the next day, even though the temperature was - 7 degrees celcius. It was quite an experience for me, jakun katakan tak pernah main snow and dapat pegang snow for the first tme.

The real reason why we braved the icy cold weather to be in the UK before Christmas. But when we planned to go there we didn't expect the weather to be so cold. But, regardless of the weather, everything was worth it to see my niece walked up the stage to accept her Master's scroll. her happy smile on that day really lighted up the room for me and gave me a warm glow, but mind you outside the hall, the temperature was -9 degrees celcius at that time. Congratulation to you my dearest niece. I wish all the best to you, as you embark on your new career in Brunei Darussalam and may Allah protect you always. As testimony of how cold it was on that day, you should see the picture below, even the fountain was frozen, and the water resembles a crystal vase, if you don't mind me saying so....
Don't you agree? It does look like a crystal vase....

Nov 19, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

It has been a roller coaster ride for me this week, emotion wise - with running here and there to make sure that everything run smoothly for the "Speech Drafting Workshop". It wouldn't be such a roller coaster ride if the people who are supposed to be helping with the logistics part have not gone missing for hours for the two days that the workshop was running.

On top of that I have the DiD class to teach.... that's another thing I have to think of, notwithstanding the classes that I have teach in Wisma starting next week. I'm so worried that I will not be able to get all the materials ready for all the classes. Now I'm just so tired, mentally and physically, and it doesn't help to have people jumping on you for the slightest wrong in the planning, even though it's none of my fault..... orang lain buat aku yang kena salvonya... mana tahan macam ni....

Come to think of it, if I can bomb a few people, I would have done it with much pleasure two days back, sadist tak my thinking.... a friend of mine commented that I'm full of anger and hatred this past few weeks, and he asked me to chill out sikit and enjoy life. I think I'm going to take his advice... nanti kena hypertension pulak... no way would I want that... sakit nanti susah, sapa nak tolong and I also would not like to to be a burden to others.... Insya Allah...

I'm hoping with all my heart that next week will not be another roller coaster ride. So, I better get cracking on the materials for the Wisma classes.